2014 - 2017

The impact of reducing mycotoing in poultry feed on the natural defense against disease

Principal Investigator: Natacha Hogan, University of Saskatchewan
Status: Completed


A seed sorter, recently installed at Saskatchewan, will be used to physically separate fractions of wheat based on crude protein content (individual kernels affected by Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) are typically lower in protein). This high-throughput sorter has the capacity to produce large quantities of sorted grains, which allows production of rations containing high and low levels of mycotoxins from the FHB fungus. The main objective of this research is to demonstrate, through in vivo trials, the impact of dietary mycotoxin levels on poultry health and immune function. A feed additive currently used in the dairy and swine industries will also be tested in poultry.


$203,000 ($60,000 CPRC, $5,500 Canadian BioSystems ($500 in-kind), $54,000 U Saskatchewan Animal and Poultry Science (Scholarship), $18,000 Canadian Feed Resource Centre (in-kind), $65,500 NSERC-CRD)

Status report coming soon


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