2016 - 2019

Induction of adaptive immunity against respiratory viruses using in ovo delivered innate immune stimulants

Principal Investigator: Mohamed Faizal Abdul Careem, University of Calgary
Co-investigator: Shayan Sharif, University of Guelph; Éva Nagy, University of Guelph; Susantha Gomis, University of Saskatchewan
Status: In progress


Respiratory viruses impact poultry production resulting in mortality and decreased egg/meat production in chickens. Incidence of respiratory viral infections may reach 100% in chickens raised intensively. Live attenuated viral vaccines, exploiting the adaptive arm of the immune system, are now routinely used to control these common viral diseases in poultry but ‘vaccine failures’ remain common. Stimulation of the bird’s innate immunity through toll-like receptors (TLRs) to reduce the viral replication at the site of virus entry (respiratory mucosa) allowing the birds to acquire adaptive immunity is an approach that has not been investigated adequately but could provide a novel and effective way to protect birds.  This project will fill some of the knowledge gaps in this area.


$144,000 (CPRC $25,000, ALMA $94,000, NSERC $25,000)

Status report coming soon

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