2016 - 2018

Farm-level surveillance of antimicrobial use and resistance in turkey flocks in Ontario, a pilot

Principal Investigator: Patrick Boerlin, University of Guelph; Agnes Agunos, Public Health Agency of Canada
Status: Completed


Turkey is the 4th most commonly consumed meat in Canada. While chickens have been extensively investigated for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial use (AMU), little is known about the prevalence of AMR organisms and AMU in Canadian turkeys. Retail level sampling data suggest that turkey meat is also contaminated with AMR bacteria that have AMR profiles distinct from those isolated from chicken, demonstrating that chicken AMR cannot be extrapolated for from chickens to turkeys. This baseline surveillance project will fill the data gaps on farm-level pathogen prevalence that are important in understanding the ecology of AMR in turkeys.


$275,750 (CPRC $30,000, OMAFRA $150,000, Public Health Agency of Canada $90,750 (in-kind), Maple Leaf Foods $5,000 (in-kind))

Status report coming soon

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