2023 Board of Directors

Dr. Helen Anne Hudson

CPRC’s Chair representing the Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC)

Dr. Hudson earned both MSc and PhD degrees in poultry science from the University of Georgia. Her education and experience provide a strong background in laying hen rearing, housing, and management. Dr. Hudson is Senior Advisor to the Corporate Social Responsibility program for Burnbrae Farms, one of the major commercial egg producers in Canada. Dr. Hudson is actively involved with a number of organizations across Canada relating to poultry research. She sits on the Advisory Board for the Alberta Poultry Research Centre and serves on the Research Committee and HACCP Committee at EFC.

Ray Nickel

CPRC's Vice-Chair Representing Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC)

Ray comes from a third-generation farm family, and a graduate from University of BC with a degree in Ag Science. A large part of his off-farm work life was in feed sales and management along with some time spent working for a local BC processor as producer liaison. Ray and his wife Linda have 3 Children who are all actively involved in their own career paths of which his hope is those paths will eventually end back on the farm in one form or another. They are involved in primary production of chicken, commercial table eggs and turkeys. His farms are all located in the Fraser valley. Ray has been passionately involved in the BC agribusiness from an early age starting with his first tour of duty as Turkey grower association director and then president. He has served on numerous grower and producer associations with many years spent as the president of the B.C. Poultry Association. Currently, Ray is a director on the BC Chicken Marketing Board and alternate CFC director.

Erica Charlton

Representing the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council (CPEPC)

Ms. Charlton has held the position of CPEPC Technical Director since 2006 and is responsible primarily for technical files for the poultry meat processing companies, and occasionally for the egg processor companies, as required. Ms. Charlton acts as industry/government liaison and is the processor industry’s single point of contact on technical issues with CFIA and Health Canada. She is the staff lead on the Poultry Operations Technical Committee at CPEPC. Ms. Charlton’s exposure to technical aspects of poultry meat inspection and food safety give her a unique perspective on issues relating to the CPRC.

Steve Eadie

Representing Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC)

Steven is a turkey farmer in Nova Scotia. He is Chair of the Turkey Farmers of Nova Scotia and a Director of the Atlantic Poultry Research Institute at Dalhousie Agricultural University in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Jeff Notenbomer

Representing the Canadian Hatching Egg Producers (CHEP) and is chair of CHEP’s Research Committee.

Jeff is a second-generation broiler breeder owner, farming near Lethbridge, AB. He has been married to his fabulous wife, Melinda for 23 years and together they have three great kids, Tianna, Caleb, and Madilyn. Jeff Is currently Chair of the Alberta Hatching Egg Board. He serves on varies other boards with a passion for research. Jeff is eager to help producers learn, share, and innovate, making an industry that is healthy, growing, and sustainable as well as strong and secure for new farmers and maybe for the 3rd generation of Notenbomer broiler breeder farmers in Alberta.