Funding from CPRC

CPRC supports poultry research in Canada and the training of highly qualified people for Canada’s poultry sector. Its primary function is that of a matching fund granting agency.

Each year, CPRC conducts a Call for Letters of Intent (LOI) which is open for approximately 6 weeks. Upon announcement of the Call, a research priority list will be provided for that year.

With input from academe, government, and industry, CPRC will continually review its research priority list and, if necessary, adjust it to reflect existing and emerging issues of importance to its members. Provided they remain of high importance, individual priority areas will be the subject of future Calls at regular intervals so as to promote continuity in existing research programs.

The CPRC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will review LOIs selected during CPRC’s internal review and will make recommendations to the CPRC Directors. All applicants will be informed of the funding decision.

For information on applying for financial support from CPRC, please click here.

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