2009 - 2012

Protein-based biomaterials from spent hens

Principal Investigator: Jianping Wu, University of Alberta
Co-investigator: Mirko Betti, University of Alberta
Status: Completed


Post-production laying hens have historically been processed for use in food products such as soups and further processed meats, however this market has declined. Spent hens have also been processed in a variety of feedstuffs for animal diets, but there are growing concerns over the safety of using animal byproducts in animal diets. With few viable markets, spent hens are often disposed without being utilized. The objective of this project is to look at the potential use of spent hens as bioproducts for industrial applications rather than for use as food or feed. The goals of the project are to (1) develop an efficient and simple method of protein recovery from spent hens by using high pH extraction, low pH precipitation on minced spent hens, (2) study the effects of extraction conditions of the functionalities of proteins, (3) investigate the effect of different treatments on the features of protein-based adhesive.


$292,569 (CPRC $60,000, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency $232,569)

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