2013 - 2017

Biopolymer-based nanocomposites from poultry industry byproducts for packaging applications

Principal Investigator: Aman Ullah, University of Alberta
Status: Completed


Researchers at the University of Alberta are applying their knowledge of materials science to develop ways of utilizing lipids and proteins from poultry by-products, such as spent hens, feathers, skin & feet, for the production of biodegradable food and non-food packaging materials. Biopolymer nanotechnology will be exploited to improve the physical properties of the packaging, and potentially incorporate antimicrobial activity.


$232,720 (CPRC $60,000, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) $150,000, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers $12,960 (in-kind),Maple Leaf Foods $5,760 (in-kind), University of Alberta PRC $4,000 (in-kind))

Status report coming soon

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