2018 - 2023

Knowledge and technology transfer of poultry cluster research discoveries

Principal Investigator: Poultry Industry Council
Status: In progress


This activity will develop a process to enhance knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) through cooperation and communication between researchers and poultry agencies across Canada.  A number of activities are proposed:
  1. An integrated communication plan for the five-year activity will be developed to outline the overall strategy and individual tactics to accomplish this strategy,
  2. A series of articles will be prepared to highlight research funded through the three Cluster programs,
  3. Material (fact sheets, field days, news releases, popular press articles, brochures, newsletter submissions) will be developed and disseminated among industry representatives and the scientific community,
  4. A content system will be built to share information through a variety of communication channels, and
  5. The Poultry Health Research Network will be coordinated.


The full value of research can be lost if the knowledge is not transferred to others who can apply the technology for a tangible benefit to their operation or business. The full benefit of publicly funded science is critically dependent on technology transfer. It is important to identify key audiences and understand where they usually look for information about new technology, and specialized products and services to select appropriate communication channels and methods that will stimulate awareness and understanding of new research and technologies. Research already conducted will be organized into readily usable word-based articles and coordinated with the poultry delivery agents across Canada.  Content articles will be supplied to be used in the production of educational materials by the various agents of extension and education across Canada.


$496,628 (AAFC/CPRC)*

*This research is part of the 2018-2023 Poultry Science Cluster which is supported by AAFC as part of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

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