CPRC Updates


Year Month Topic(s) Project
2019 September Cluster III Announcement Cluster 3
May Quality and Safety (biosecurity, on-farm safety, ensuring quality product, etc.) FSQ064
2018 November Non-antibiotic control and prevention of YSI in broilers AMN068
October Development of flight and locomotion in laying hens PWB070
September Maintaining broiler health through microbiome manipulations AMN086
July/August Making of a Monogastric Nutritionist PWB094
February/March Development of an enzyme/yeast-based prebiotic supplement for poultry AMN067
2017 November Effects of management practices on the prevalence of foot pad dermatitis (FPD) PWB071
October Ammonia: Welfare impact and mitigation strategies ENV074 & PWB075
July Smart Agriculture Initiative
May A novel necrotic enteritis vaccine strategy FSQ083
April Optimizing Lighting for a Precision Broiler Breeder Feeding System PWB078
January Research Strategy Review and Potential New Research Cluster
2016 December Project Funding and CPRC Scholarship Award
October Recently Funded Immune System Activation Research AMN081AMN088
June Poultry Research Strategy Evolving
April Funding Changes, 2015 Scholarship Recipient and Website Redesign
February/March Probiotic formulations with immune enhancing activities for chickens  AMN053
January A Novel Enrichment Method of Table Eggs with Long- Chain ω-3 PUFA  UAB057
2015 December Daylength and its impact on turkey welfare and productivity PWB051
October Concentrations and Emissions of Airborne Pollutants at Various Poultry Operations ENV029
September Why is AIV so difficult to control?
May Distillers Grains May be More Useful than Previously Thought  NFS044
March Project Funding and CPRC Scholarship Award
January Challenges of On-Farm Trials
2014 October Yeast is not least AMN067
September Poultry Nutrition Chair at University of Saskatchewan
June Changes to Funding Process
May Vaccine technology nearing commercialization FSQ015
April Poultry Cluster 2
Feb/March Funding program returns to normal
January Giving birds a boost – an update 045 & 048
2013 November Cooperation in support of research | New Director
October Scholarship program and winner
September Results from Poultry Science Cluster 1
June What’s new at CPRC? (Board, Cluster 2 application)
May Progress towards understanding avian influenza FSQ35-38
April Research at the Poultry Welfare Centre
February 2012 Workshop series
January Transporting to the future PWB017
2012 December Research funding sources
November Putting research into practice
October Scholarships & Succession
September Sponsorship Program/Research Strategy
July Towards a necrotic enteritis vaccine FSQ032
June CPRC’s continuing evolution
May ‘Designer proteins’ may offset need for antibiotics AMN025
April 2011 in review
March Tackling antibiotic resistance
February Giving birds a boost
January The long and short of beak treatment PWB018