2012 - 2015

Investigating methods of assessing bird wetness as a means to determine fitness for transport

Principal Investigator: Trever Crowe, University of Saskatchewan
Collaborators: Hank Classen, University of Saskatchewan
Status: Completed


To develop a method of assessing the level of moisture held within a broiler’s feathers prior to transport.


The conditions of the feathers prior to transport is suspected to impact broilers’ ability to cope with exposure to cold exposure. The development of a tool to assess the level of moisture held in the feathers will be useful when determining if a load is fit for transport. Dr. Crowe’s team will test commercially available moisture sensors for accuracy and test most effective sensor(s) on commercial broiler farms.


$170,700 (CPRC $60,000, NSERC $85,350, SCIDF $25,350)

Status report coming soon.

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