2012 - 2015

Daylength and its impact on turkey welfare and productivity

Principal Investigator: Hank Classen, University of Saskatchewan
Status: Completed


To determine the impact of daylength on turkey welfare and productivity.


Previous research at the University of Saskatchewan and elsewhere has demonstrated the important role daylength can play on the performance and welfare of broiler chickens. This research experience is being applied to determine the impact of daylength on turkeys, on which there is a dearth of information. Responses to graded levels of daylength will be measured in terms of productivity, welfare measures and changes in behaviour. This research will inform appropriate daylength standards for turkey production in Canada and abroad.


$167,452 (CPRC $60,000, NSERC $83,726, PIC $11,726, Charison's Turkey Hatchery Ltd. $9,000 (in-kind), Lilydale Inc. $3,000 (in-kind))


Status report coming soon.

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