2012 - 2017

Identification of risk factors during broiler transportation that influence injury and mortality

Principal Investigator: Michael Cockram, University of Prince Edward Island
Status: Completed


To identify risk factors during poultry catching, transportation and lairage associated with mortality and injury and to quantify their effect using multivariable analysis of slaughter plant records.


When birds are transported for slaughter, there is the potential for injury and mortality, resulting in economic loss, meat quality problems and welfare issues. This research project endeavours to work with industry to identify the risk factors associated with different handling and transportation systems. An epidemiological, multivariable analysis of records from two slaughter plants is in progress to identify factors affecting dead-on-arrivals and injury. Catching and handling practices will also be observed on several broiler farms participating in the study. This study will provide stakeholders with information on management and other practices that are likely to reduce the prevalence of injury and mortality during catching and transportation. This information could contribute to training and guidance materials, industry codes of practice and audit or assessment practices.

Research Progress

$123,025 (CPRC $60,000, Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre $63,025)

Status report coming soon.

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