2016 - 2018

Evaluation of Rapid Diagnostic Assay for Avian Influenza to the Point of Care Setting

Principal Investigator: Suresh Neethirajan, University of Guelph
Co-investigator: Gordon Hayward, University of Guelph; Xuan Weng, University of Guelph
Status: Completed


Preventing the spread of Avian Influenza is the best way to keep the disease under control and prevention in this case starts with effective surveillance through early diagnosis.  There is currently no on-site testing available for rapid diagnosis of avian flu.  The current procedures to diagnose avian flu is to send swabs from the throat of live birds, fecal content and blood samples from to a laboratory for PCR analysis.  Novel tools, such as the proposed biosensor for avian influenza detection, are needed to meet the challenges of food security and production efficiency in the poultry industry.  The goal of this project is to assess the integration capability of developed sensing technology with sensor platforms, such as microfluidic chips and/or interdigitated array, as a point of care testing tool that will meet field deployable requirements, disease alert and forecasting needs of the poultry industry.


$292,500 (CPRC $40,000, Mitacs $37,500, OMAFRA $125,000, PIC $15,000, OMAF Catalyst Engagement Fund $25,000, EFC $50,000)

Status report coming soon

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