2016 - 2019

Effect of barn sanitation on innate immunity, performance, microbiological and processing traits of commercial broilers

Principal Investigator: Doug Korver, University of Alberta
Co-investigator: Lynn McMullen, University of Alberta; Karen Liljebjelke, University of Calgary; Martin Zuidhof, University of Alberta; Tom Inglis, Poultry Health Services; Ben Willing, University of Alberta
Status: In progress


Canadian broiler producers may "dry-clean" barns after a flock, with full disinfection and sanitation once per year. Little information is available on the impact of dry cleaning on barn microbial loads and the subsequent effects on broiler health, carcass microbial loads, inflammatory response, processing traits and economics. With current pressures to reduce the use of antibiotics in food animal production, the lack of available data on the potential risks and benefits of this cleaning approach is an important knowledge gap. The objectives of this research are to quantify the impact of barn dry cleaning on productivity, health, microbiology, carcass traits and the economics of broiler production. Canadian broiler producers will thus be able to make rational decisions regarding the most appropriate barn sanitation method to use on their farms. The research will support and enhance productivity, health, food safety and profitability for the Canadian poultry industry, and provide context for decisions regarding reduced antimicrobial use.


$343,670 (CPRC $40,000, Alberta Chicken Producers $36,000, ALMA $267,670)

Status report coming soon.

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