Research Programs

Programs currently under review.

Below are descriptions of each of CPRC’s research programs. For reports on projects within each program, please go to the Results section.

Avian Gut Microbiology
The Avian Microbiology Network (AviMicroNet) is a communication network of researchers designed to encourage the investigation of the impact of gut microflora on the nutrition, feed conversion, pathogen carriage, and health of poultry in an antimicrobial-free environment. This effort has been put forth in response to growing pressures to reduce, or possibly eliminate, antimicrobial drugs from animal feeds.

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The CPRC initiated a research program dedicated to environmental issues in the poultry industry. A number of projects have been supported, which touch on a wide variety of areas. These include the prevalence and effect of veterinary pharmaceutical residues in the environment, the direct injection of poultry litter on agricultural land, the environmental implications of phosphorus and calcium flows in poultry production, workplace exposure to environmental contaminants in commercial poultry barns, useful products from spent hens, and emissions from poultry operations.

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Food Safety & Poultry Health
This program covers a wide range of topics with potentially far-reaching implications for the sector. Topics include: immunization of broiler chickens against necrotic enteritis, understanding the biology of avian influenza virus and finding better ways to control it, novel multivalent vaccines for avian health, and new ways to control enteric pathogens.

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Novel Feedstuffs
There is an emerging need for research on the use of feedstuffs alternative to current grains, prices of which are anticipated to remain high. Research is underway relating to: potential animal health benefits of feeding distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), nutritive value of cold-pressed meals from various grain sources, and the economic and nutritive impact of processing alternative ingredients in turkey diets.

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Poultry Welfare & Behaviour
Research within this program covers such topics as: impact of ammonia on the welfare of laying hens, improving transport conditions for broilers, alternative methods of euthanizing turkeys, effects of lighting programs on leg weakness in broilers, improving welfare for beak trimmed hens, maintaining leg and bone structure in turkeys, implications of toe-trimming turkeys, alternative feeding strategies for broiler breeders, and the impact of daylength on turkey welfare and productivity.

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Ad hoc
Program cancelled.

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