2014 - 2015

Effect of incubator temperature and breeder flock age in two broiler strains on embryonic overheating

Principal Investigator: Doug Korver, University of Alberta
Status: Completed


Researchers at the University of Alberta are addressing chick quality issues that may be related to changes in the physiology of modern broiler chicken embryos. For example, differences in metabolic rate and heat production of embryos during incubation have been noted among breeder flocks of different ages. There may therefore be a need to fine-tune egg incubator parameters according to parent flock age to optimize hatchability and early chick quality. The objective of this research, therefore, is to evaluate the effects of maternal flock age of two common broiler strains on embryonic overheating and chick quality traits.


$128,672 (CPRC $24,000, ALMA $86,214, PIC $16,770, Maple Leaf $844 (in-kind), Lilydale $844 (in-kind))

Status report coming soon

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