2016 - 2018

Lifetime productivity of precision- and conventionally-fed broiler breeders

Principal Investigator: Martin Zuidhof, University of Alberta
Status: Completed


A precision feeding system for broiler breeders has been developed at the University of Alberta. Preliminary experiments have demonstrated that the system is capable of achieving a 2% coefficient of variation in body weight, which is an unprecedented level of flock uniformity. However, gains in reproductive efficiency remain to be demonstrated. A comparison of the lifetime productivity of broiler breeders managed with precision feeding and conventional feeding systems is needed to determine if there are advantages for precision feeding systems. The research will test the hypothesis that high flock uniformity, achieved through precision feeding, will result in high reproductive success as compared to conventional broiler-breeder feeding systems.


$307,300 (CPRC $20,000, ALMA $88,114, CHEP $5,000, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions $26,500, Cobb $41,960 ( includes $1,960 in-kind), University of Alberta $115,726 (in-kind), Xanantec $10,000 (in-kind))

Status report coming soon

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